Friday, September 25, 2009

Release The Brain Valve Please

Howdy! I have this darn blog thing and never use it...probably one of many online social networking tools I have signed up for but rarely used. Which reminds me, who in my age bracket is still using MySpace? Every time I got back to my account and try to clean out the closet, it just looks stranger and stranger to me. I am old, I am coping with that fact.

So, between the Twitters and Facebooks and all the rest, it is time to poop or get off the pot! (I disabled the 'adult' setting, so let's keep it clean people!) The thing is, most days I have all of these random, pointless thoughts that bubble in my noggin and I should utilize these sites to unload some of it. Not that I expect anyone is hanging on my every word, but a nice little outlet to release some mental pressure is a necessity sometimes. So, don't waste your time visiting my MySpace - I won't be there.

On to my mindless ramblings...cohesive thoughts not required herein.
I am still struggling with the fact that, when living in the frigid North, I played golf quite often during the 5 day summer window we actually had annually. At least twice a week, and usually a third for tournaments or such. In the year that I have lived in a place where you can golf pretty much year-round...I have played MAYBE 10 times total. What the...?
Michael Jackson is please let him be gone. His music was great, we will surely miss his musical mastery and the legacy he left. Let's let him go already...only Elvis is still walking around after his death, and that has something to do with aliens, or chemicals, or peanut butter and banana sandwiches...or something.
People in Arizona are, for the most part, horrible drivers...and I am learning to adjust. I am quite convinced that no one comprehends the "fast lane" concept and so few people actually signal a turn or lane change, I am starting to believe it is against the law to actually USE your signal light here!
Further to that, I think it is also state law that you MUST be on your phone or texting while driving. It makes it easier to swerve into oncoming traffic when you aren't burdened by the responsibility of paying attention to the road.
You know, come to think of it - now I know why no one is signaling! No free hands! You see, one hand is on the wheel, one is on the phone or texting, one is working the Ipod (who listens to the radio anymore?), one is pumping fast food down the gullet, one is applying makeup, one is gesturing at another vehicle on the road for 'swerving into their way,' one is....
The whole Phoenix Coyotes Drama is wearing me the season is just about a week away. There are so many things that everyone involved has and continues to screw up and crap on that this team and it's fans are left floating in the water and drowning. Don't you hate feeling the results of clearly inept people making decisions above your head? You can't make the smart choices for people who simply don't get it - you just sit on the sidelines and deal with the collateral damage.
No matter what, we'll get one more season out of this team...then we wait and see...again. Mark these words, if Trina would hurry up and win the lottery, we would buy the Coyotes!
What's your drama...and can you please dial it down? I know I can be a moody little brat sometimes, but I think it is fair to say I lead a charmed, low-key, drama-free life. So, when unnecessary and overblown drama unfolds before me - I am baffled. Do people seem to like to have a horrible life? Is it fun to consume force-fed, self-induced suckage every day? Other than the apocalypse, major calamities, festering boils and maybe an oddly placed rash, most 'bad' things that happen are pretty small, can be handled rationally, and thrown to the side. Picking old wounds, pushing people's buttons, antagonizing and essentially refusing to let things go is a recipe for disaster and the people around you don't need it or want it. As ELO so eloquently put it...don't bring me down!
The Susan Boyle story still gives me pause. I don't get the 'why' - is it because she is not what people perceive as "attractive?" Or because she is an older lady? What was it? Why wouldn't people believe she could be talented? Everyone is celebrating so hard, I think they're trying to cloud their own pretentious beliefs in what a 'celebrity' is supposed to look or sound like. Sadly, we will never know what would have happened had she not appeared on TV.
I suspect people would have taken one look at her....

I suppose that is plenty for now...I do feel a wee bit better!

I actually had a couple of things I was pondering as possible long-term projects here, to keep me jotting notes down and attempting to see if I can illicit some responses. First and foremost, I think there is a groundswell of support for a new and improved, 2009 Edition of the FB Biggest Losers. I think I am down with that, as soon as I get my brain wrapped around it. If you followed my last attempt at this, I was pretty anal about covering my daily stories and weekly weight changes. If I choose to try again, it is likely I will follow this same scenario on the new go 'round.

The second thing I am pondering is picking your brain on some of the things that I don't understand. Here's the back story...being from a small town, being just a bit different makes you weird. Period! We've all been different - by something we did, or said, or wore, or believed. Because in a small town, if you aren't marching in order, you're just plain different.
Well, here in the big city - EVERYONE is different!! Better yet, no one really notices your quirks, or really cares either. I do love that. So, the diversity swells and it makes for people-watching and general interaction that much better. I promise, this change in perception is greatly appreciated!

That being said, I want your feedback on things of all sorts. I have no preconceived notions on what would be 'right' or 'wrong' and I would not presume to force my own beliefs upon anyone else. That being said, I want to just post questions and comments on things I don't get or can't fathom, and hope to get responses from you - points or support or assistance to make me understand. Again, I don't think for a moment everything I believe is right - so I want to get some additional insight and looks from every angle.

I have been thinking about doing this for a long time - I already have a laundry list of things baffling and perplexing that I could use some perspective on. So, that may be coming too.

There, now I feel like I have accomplished something!

The brain valve is closed...

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